Atcore wins 4 Awards at
Danish Digital Awards 2019

Gold in 'Return on investment'
for our work with Matas

Silver and 2 x bronze for our work with
Matas, Sydbank and Schneider Electric

Atcore support companies in their digital marketing transformation

Successful companies recognize the power of digitization, and understand that a customer-centric and data-driven marketing approach is the key to customer acquisition and retention.

Starting with an in-depth understanding of the consumers’ journey, successful companies prioritize initiatives based on an outside-in perspective, create an agile organization and technology-stack, and build capabilities for long-term sustainability.

With our specialized end-to-end capabilities and business acumen, Atcore has partnered with many of Denmark’s most influential and global brands, and we can proudly say we set the standard for how digitalization and data is used to create marketing excellence and grow business.

What we do

We offer a range of strategic marketing consulting, marketing execution and
industry solutions to help companies achieve modern marketing excellence.

Marketing Strategy
& Transformation

Atcore helps you create a customer-centric digital strategy based on Customer Journeys & ‘Persona’ Insights. Our Tactical Activity Roadmap and Operational Model enable you to play to win in the digital age!

Marketing Analytics
& Insights

In a world where digital is rapidly becoming central in growth strategies, the key to unlocking your business potential is to document, analyse and optimize your performance, through data, analytics tools and dashboards.

Digital Marketing
& Media Buying

The correct digital media marketing setup ensures that you reach your audience, during their decision journey across all touchpoints. We help you with programmatic buying, search and social, to maximize your media investments.

Digital Engagement Marketing

We help you ensure scalable customer engagement through marketing automation, be it lead acquisition or sales retention, making it possible to communicate relevant information to millions of customers in a personal way.

UX, Content
& Communication

Customers today act on many platforms, online and offline, and are constantly empowering themselves. We help you develop a seamless and personal customer experience through Ux, design and content on all customer touchpoints.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing has unquestionably become a technology-powered discipline and technologies are constantly evolving and expanding. We are certified in leading technologies such as Salesforce, Google, Adobe (Marketo).

Atcore and Greenland Travel get more adventurers to visit Greenland by automating marketing

178% Conversion rate

Conversion rate from Marketing Automation increased by 178%, as communication is more relevant.

25% Avg. order size

Average order size increased by 25%, because people know more about their options when buying.

79% Total revenue

This resulted in a total increase in revenue by 79%, coming directly from Marketing Automation activities.

Business problems we solve
through customer centric digitization

Growth through great Customer experiences. 
We do customer centric & data-driven marketing.

We connect the dots of consumer journeys and use data, technology, and creativity 
to attract the right audience, convert them to valuable customers, and retain relationships for a lifetime. 
Attract. Convert. Retain. That’s us.

Our partnerships with global leading technologies and our specialized digital marketing services bring our clients an integrated suite of technology software, platform enabling and marketing services, speeding up their digital transformation.