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Marketing technologies are radically changing marketing. Top performers use a complete marketing and sales ecosystem, combining marketing cloud platforms, CRMs and other data sources to create great customer experiences.


Marketing is transforming rapidly, as we spend more time on our mobiles, tablets, laptops, smart-devices etc.

The challenge for brands is to connect with customers through all these devices in real-time and create campaigns that work across all touch-points. The real-time conversations brands have with people as they interact with websites and mobile apps have changed the nature of marketing.

What does the merging of technology and marketing mean for you? The modern-day marketing department needs to combine the creative side of the discipline – using powerful narratives to tap into people’s needs and aspirations – while mastering the technical side of data, digital engineering and analytics. This enables businesses to deliver that tailored experience to the right person, at just the right time.

Making sure you are able to utilize your platforms fully can be a huge challenge. We’ve mastered many leading marketing technologies and can support you in ensuring that your marketing technology architecture matches your current and future needs.

Schneider Electric

Digital Transformation, Programmatic buying

Atcore helps the Nordic Schneider Electric organization through their Digital Transformation, creating a faster and agiler GoTo market model, with Customer Journeys, Activity Roadmap, Marketing Automation....


Marketo, Modern B2B Marketing, Modern B2B Marketing, Modern B2B Marketing, Modern B2B Marketing

Atcore helps SimCorp in Global digital hyper-targeting and Account-Based Marketing....


Digital Transformation

Atcore supports Sennheiser in their digital transformation and journey towards a more customer-centric and data-driven positioning....



Atcore helps ROCKWOOL reach their relevant Nordic Audiences and ensuring strengthened insights from their marketing analytics platforms....

Our Approach to Marketing Technology

There are at many components that every digital marketing cloud should be offering, from centralized data-management, to automated communication, personalized content management and distribution across several different channels and platforms, and programmatic media buying. You’ll also need intelligent algorithms that sequence how that engagement happens. Leading marketing clouds cover:

  • Data Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Content management
  • Social media management
  • Personalization
  • Analytics
  • etc.

Each of the different best-of-suite marketing cloud platforms offers these components to varying degrees, which makes it difficult to compare their individual applications to each other.

For some companies, more specialized best-of-breed solutions can be the preferred way to leverage your vision.

This is why every recommendation from us starts out with understanding your current and future business objectives, your target audience, and your internal capabilities.

Technology Audit

Understand business objectives and your technology landscape to identify your current level of support by technology.

Integration & Connectivity

Mapping out how your technology is integrated, and how data can and should flow between different platforms.

Journey Workflow

Having mapped out technologies and connections, we can now support you in getting a better understanding of the workflows of your marketing engine.

Vendor Selection

We will guide you in the marketing technology jungle, and match the right technologies to support your business goals.

Implementation & Migration

With certified experts in many leading marketing technologies, we ensure correct implementation and leverage of the various functions.

How We Help Clients

We help clients like you choose the right marketing technology, power up your platforms,
and build your internal capabilities for long-term sustainability.

Marketing Technology Audit

Vendor/Solution, Description, Internal Team Lead, Annual Costs, Dependencies, Contract/Renewal Status etc. Our Mar-Tech audit can not only assist the extended marketing organization, but also benefits the larger organization & executive team by highlighting technology gaps that need filling.

Vendor Selection & Implementation

Our experienced consultants will guide your developers in how to implement leading analytics platforms, such as Google or Adobe, to create the best data setup to support your digital strategy, KPIs and data-driven ambitions.

Platform and Usage Training

We support organizations in their long-term sustainable capabilities. We offer custom on-site training for your local and global team. We’ll help you master your analytics platforms, so you can focus on extracting valuable insights.

Managed Service & Support

Our experienced specialists are available to back you up and support you through all your dynamic business changes and measurement needs.
Connecting the right data to combine insights from quantitative analysis, qualitative surveys, heat maps, desk-top research, etc., giving you a single-customer view of exactly what to do, improves the customer experience.

What will you get from marketing technologies?

Working with us to develop your data-driven ambitions, gives you:

  1. Support in whichever platform matches your ambitions.
  2. An easy-to-understand process for on-boarding.
  3. Support in implementation of analytics platform.
  4. Educational tracks to ensure your long-term empowerment.
  5. Platform-setup, templates etc. to get you started.
  6. On-going support for successful insights year-on-year.

Let’s talk about, how we can help you reach your ambitions with data analytics and insights.

Steffen Iversen

Sales Director

Mobile: +45 53555403

Certified Marketing Specialists

We help clients like you to choose the right marketing technology, power up your platforms, and build your internal capabilities for long-term sustainability.

Google Marketing Platform

Google offers a comprehensive marketing technology stack, especially for consumer-driven companies, to measure and improve the impact of your marketing.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a market leading marketing cloud, providing a foundation for teams to connect their marketing data, centrally orchestrate cross-channel interactions, engage the right audience, and analyse performance.

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Marketo provides a leading engagement marketing software and solutions designed to help marketers develop long-term relationships with their customers – from acquisition to advocacy. Marketo is built for marketers, by marketers, and is setting the innovation agenda for marketing technology.

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Working with us

  • 100% Data-Driven

    At its core, data-driven marketing centres on one thing: propelling value by engaging customers more effectively. Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right place and time.

  • 100% Transparency

    Accountability and transparency are central in everything we do. You get a full understanding of where your investments are going – without hidden fees or black-boxed solutions.

  • 100% Customer-Centric

    The difference between a customer focus and a truly customer-centric approach is looking at your business from the outside-in, from the perspective of the customers, and letting this drive your activities.

  • 100% Performance

    Your business targets are our targets. We align all initiatives with you and your business KPIs. Prepare to be challenged on how to deliver value. Rest assured that your business is the first thing we think about when we wake up in the morning.