Your Certified Salesforce Data Cloud Partner in the Nordics.

Your customers are more than just transaction records. They are stories, experiences, and relationships. With Salesforce Data Cloud, we help you create an all-encompassing single customer view, piecing together every interaction, preference, and behavior.

We’re here to help you maximize the value of Data Cloud. We provide offerings that fit your current data quality, data sources, and overall data strategy and allow you to realize powerful business outcomes long term.

Our Data Cloud Services
  • Data Cloud POC
  • Data Cloud Quick Start
  • Data Cloud Implementation
  • Segmentation & Activation

Ready to Take Your Marketing Automation Platform to the Next Level?

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Connect and Capitalize on Every Data Source

We help you integrate various platforms, from CRM, App, Service, ERPs and more, ensuring that all your data sources come together seamlessly. Our commitment to data integrity is unwavering, utilizing advanced tools and techniques to guarantee data hygiene and accuracy. Furthermore, with our expertise, you’ll experience a seamless data transfer with real-time syncing across all platforms.

Unlock a Single View of Your Customer

With our services, you can gain deeper insights into your customers, understanding them beyond mere surface-level interactions. This understanding paves the way for enhanced personalization, allowing you to offer tailored solutions, messages, and experiences that truly resonate. Moreover, we simplify the process for you, streamlining operations so there’s no more need to juggle between multiple data sources or platforms.

Revolutionize Segmentation and Activation

With our services, you can segment with precision, dividing your audience into meaningful and actionable segments. This enables you to activate effectively by launching targeted campaigns, offers, and initiatives grounded in data-driven insights. Moreover, we emphasize the importance of continuous improvement, helping you monitor performance, learn from the results, and iterate for ongoing success.

Certified Salesforce partner with +10 years of experience

Atcore has been a Salesforce partner since 2012. Having worked +10 years with Marketing Cloud, we have sound experience in segmentation and use-cases for how to enable Data Cloud. More importantly, we have a lot of experience working with MCE clients. We are familiar with the opportunities and challenges for global B2C, Healthcare and Manufacturers enterprises with various tech-stacks.

Data Cloud Proof Of Concept

We will have you up and running in just 4-6 weeks, to deliver a proof of concept (POC) that is build to scale.

The perfect data-set does not exist. We will start small, with minimal data cleansing and transformation required. We simulate insights and activations all within the safety of a Demo Salesforce org.

Fast Track Data Cloud

In as little as 8-14 weeks, you can get started with Data Cloud.

We will set up to start enabling use-cases for few data-sources, and make a plan for which and how to add datasources. The Fast-track has more preparation than a POC.

Grow together

Full discovery and blueprint, data source preparation, and profile enrichment you need for a comprehensive Data Cloud implementation. We’ll guide you from blueprint to execution to ensure you not only have the right use cases and activation targets, but also support after deployment.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement

Explore the transformative capabilities of integrating Salesforce Data CLoud with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to elevate your business and deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive tangible results. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions encompass Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enabling you to create personalized interactions across all touchpoints.