How to improve Customer Experience through Personalization?


In today’s hypercompetitive market, which is characterized by dynamic digital advancements, the key to business survival is to invest in your customers’ needs and expectations.

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Customer experience is becoming one of the key differentiators when it comes to the competitive advantage your company should focus on. Therefore, given that such a primary goal is demonstrated to drive and boost customer loyalty, retention, and future spending, it is mandatory to adapt your organization towards such a strategic approach.

Moreover, customers’ expectations when interacting with your company are growing exponentially towards high-quality personalized content, which is tailored based on their needs and desires. Delivering positive experiences might not be enough to delight customers, whose expectations once disappointed might lead to detrimental outcomes. Nowadays, your company is recommended to deliver outstanding and highly personalized customer experiences, that have to resonate with your customers, which in turn will feel valued and at the centre of your business. Personalization is a key part of customer experience, as it grants your company with an overall experiential satisfaction, as you would provide relevant tailored content, offering, and journeys to your customers.

Hence, to improve your customer experience, it is recommended to invest in initiatives that go beyond personalized email marketing or customer service. Personalization on a high level, which would impact your customers’ whole journeys, meaning that every interaction with your company they have is highly personalized and is at the core of an exceptional customer experience. This, in turn, implies an organizational and strategic restructuring, that would involve not only a few business units but your company as a whole.

5 steps to create a personalized customer experience

In order to improve your customer experience, and to delight your customers throughout their customer journeys, it is recommended to follow five main steps that will support your company when it comes to achieving greater personalization. Given that personalization is a crucial element when investing in customer experience, and that the two approaches go hand-in-hand, such recommendations are likely to provide your business with reaching superior results. However, it has not to be underestimated the importance of building a common language, with loyalty as the main focus, with your customers, using data accordingly to tailor their experiences, as these are the centre of the whole process.

1. Get to know your customers

Your company is first recommended to operate in a proactive way when interacting with its customers. It is extremely important to understand your customers’ needs, expectations and behaviours. These elements represent crucial traits of their personalities, desires, and aspirations. Getting highly detailed insights will grant your company with tailored personalization.

2. Focus on your customers’ emotions

Focusing on customers’ emotions, as individual as your business can be, yet avoiding to be intrusive, would grant your company one-to-one personalization, based on what is most relevant to them. The core goal of personalization is to deliver value to your customers, which is defined as something that will help them saving time to meet their needs.

3. Rely on real-time data your customers provide

At the core of shaping personalization strategies, data and insights are the roots of informed decisions. Those are driving focused marketing efforts tapping on real-time needs and expectations, which ultimately affect the customer experience. However, to constructively rely on your data, it is also recommended to directly include your customers’ feedback.

4. Restructure your organization around your customers

A central issue, when investing in customer experience and personalization, is to neglect the impact of such a strategic tactic over your organization. The challenge is to abandon the silos division and to get your company to work as a single business unit, sharing the same goals and processes. Therefore, it is suggested to start restructuring your firm around your customers.

5. Consider co-create value with your customers

Given that customers value personalized unique content, efforts, offering, and that they are willing to share their needs, expectations, it would be desirable to include them into your personalization efforts, as part of their experiences. Co-creating these experiences with them will support your business by identifying opportunities and tailor highly personalized journeys.

Undergoing the depicted processes and tactics to improve and achieve superior personalized customer experiences might represent a consistent challenge for your business. However, by adopting ad hoc solutions and a detailed strategic plan when approaching these business goals, once executed properly, your business will grant positive outcomes.
In the next issue marketing automation will be considered, as a convenient approach to assist you with the discussed strategic adjustment towards securing your business with a key differentiator over your competitors.