How automation is affecting customer relationships: humanize your company through automation


The potential and benefits of automation experienced by most companies are vast and extensive, and it affects businesses processes and results outstandingly.

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The potential and benefits of automation experienced by most companies are vast and extensive, and it affects businesses processes and results outstandingly. Automation grants companies the opportunity to improve and scale-up tactics that directly influence marketing and sales results, ultimately providing steady revenues. Through automation technologies business are nowadays empowered by having better degrees of control, efficiency, and effectiveness.

It is demonstrated that one of the most relevant effects of automation is reflected in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Automation provides significantly improved processes with regards to your customer relationships, as it allows your company to deliver more personalized communications, better-targeted solutions and services, and immersive experiences to its customers. It is all centred on a more profound knowledge of your target audience grounded in data, especially on the basis of their past activities, purchasing histories, and interactions. Moreover, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence, which are part of an automated approach to CRM, grants a constant flow of extremely valuable information on your customers’ expectations, behavioral tendencies, and habits. This, in turn, offers your company numerous data-driven insights that support you in orientating your future efforts, by adopting a more informed decision-making process.

In a nutshell, automation provides your company with insights having considerable benefits, especially when it comes to get a better understanding of your target audience, crafting superior customer experiences, providing an above-average customer service, attracting new customers, improving customer engagement and retention, all with an increase in efficiency and productivity, also having a considerable decrease in costs. Nevertheless, there is another side of the coins, which generates some side-effects and disadvantages that your company cannot neglect, especially in the long-run, as it might go at the expenses of your customer relationship, negatively influencing them, for good.

Humanize your automation to avoid eventually jeopardizing CRM

Besides all the benefits automation yields when implemented correctly, there are a few threats that need to be thoughtfully considered, in order to avoid challenges that might end up jeopardizing your customer relationships. As it often happens birds of a feather flock together, thus these risks are deeply interconnected, and your company is recommended to address them as an overall issue to be overcome through a solid and unique strategic shift.

First of all, automation might lead companies in not seeing the bigger picture in place. Given the feasibility and availability such tools provide when it comes to access data, sources, suggestions for actions, etc., business divisions tend to focus on single efforts one step at the time. This impacts over the consistency, cohesion, and coherence of your overall communications, on its tones of voice and on your brand’s umbrella story. The sum of the parts is as important as the excellence of every single part and it needs to be taken into account. As a consequence, adopting automation is frequently entangled in offering one-channel solutions. Retrieving data from a specific channel, elaborating them, and perfecting it risks to jeopardize your customer experience across channels, and to increase the fiction from one channel to another for them. Therefore, automation is recommended to be envisioned as a tool to the benefit of an omnichannel strategy.

A second challenge relies on data availability and automatic reporting. Lacking a solid process of analysis of those raw numbers jeopardizes your company ability to extrapolate meaningful insights and translate them into actual value for your customers. Data alone would not tell the whole story about your target audience, instead, your business is urged to interpret those data, decipher them as key insights which are easily and readily accessible from all parts of the company. As a direct consequence of this threat, your company’s marketing efforts might result to be deprived of all personalization and humanization for your customers. Automation is extremely effective in speeding and scaling up the process, but when it comes to interactions with your customers, your company should consider them not as a bunch of data or a series of numbers. You should focus on improving your customers’ actual experience, instead of KPIs.

As interactions with your audience are becoming more and more digital, remember that customers still need and appreciate a human touch, so that they can establish a loyal, trustworthy, long-lasting relationship with your company.