Want loyal customers? Start talking about their emotions

One of the main trends most companies are investing in within today’s competitive landscape, which has been widely affected by the advent and development of the digital era, is customer experience, a proven most profitable, better results yielder, and effective …

Finance Manager til Atcore i København

Til vores kontor i København søger vi en finansielt stærk person der trives både med udviklings- og ledelsesopgaver, samt have 100% styr på den daglige økonomi og HR drift.

Take your data driven marketing to the next level

Data-driven marketing refers to the set of strategies implemented starting from insights drawn from the analysis of a big amount of data and metrics, collected by combining both structured and unstructured data, mainly through customers’ interactions and engagement, in order to produce informed decisions and predictions about customers’ future needs and expectations.

Digital marketing at its core

The digitization revolution has extensively influenced businesses regardless of their sectors, value propositions, and organizational structures.

Atcore køber Salesforce Top Partner

Det danske digitale konsulenthus Atcore vil styrke tilgangen til at skabe den gode kundeoplevelse, og derfor opruster de nu med opkøb af Nordens største uafhængige Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner, CRM Toolbox.

The journey towards greater Customer Centricity

In a competitive context where customers dynamics are changing at a fast-pace, businesses are called to adapt their processes and strategies in order to achieve positive results both in the short and in the long run.