Atcore wins Google Marketing Platform Partner Awards 2018


Atcore wins international prize among Google Marketing Platform Partners, for connecting physical and digital stores together and better understand the customers for Danish retailer, Matas.

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Atcore wins distinguished international Google Marketing Platform Partner Award for best work

Atcore achieved international prize among Google Marketing Platform Partners, for connecting physical and digital stores together and better understand the customers for Danish retailer, Matas.

During the annual Google Marketing Platform Partner Summit in San Francisco, Google announced winners of their case competition on Thursday, November 1. The ceremony recognizes digital marketing excellence internationally. For the award ceremony, Agencies from 28 countries submitted 54 cases. Finalists in the 2 category Decision and Platforms were nominated based on their expertise and innovation with Google’s Marketing Platform. Atcore won for our work with Matas: ‘Omnichannel Insights and Activation of Customer data’.

Matas is a Danish-based business, founded in 1949, that operates a chain of drug stores across Denmark. Over a 4 year period, the organizations have worked together, to use Google Marketing Platform, to create a Single Customer View, understanding Online 2 Offline (O2O) behavior, End-to-End (E2E) revenue tracking, and activating Customer Data to do personalized and relevant Advertising, driving significant growth for their programs. This achievement also marks the first time a Danish agency has won a Google Marketing Platform Partner Award from Google.

“This is a huge achievement,” says Sebastian Gullak, Atcore’s CEO. “This award would not have been possible without the hard work of our dedicated Team in Atcore and partnership with Matas, that has led to massive success for both parties. We’ve always strived to put innovation at the forefront of our advertising efforts, therefor it’s an honor to be recognized by Google for this,” continues Sebastian Gullak.

Investing heavily in digital growth

In recent years, Matas and retailers alike struggle in a highly competitive market of supermarket chains, online webshops and heavy-weight players like Price competition and share-of-wallet competition have become a significantly bigger challenge as more people use digital media to find the right products at the right price.

The challenge was clear: “Take advantage of the interaction between digital advertising, our webshop and the physical stores to respond to market disruption.”

To do this Atcore linked Matas’ own data (1. party) across digital advertising, digital behavior, and purchases, both through physical stores and the webshop. The goal was to create a coherent communication and customer experience. Atcore thus wanted to document exactly which digital activities that led to increased sales both offline and online, in order to predict customer behavior. On the basis of the total customer journey, it would thus be possible to deliver significantly more relevant digital offers and personalized messages to the individual customer. Atcore’s data team designed the Advertising – and marketing technology architecture, implemented the necessary platforms, and defined the data integration project that enabled the data pairing.

The work secured three important objectives:

  1. The physical transaction was registered in Google Marketing Platform so that both online and offline purchases existed side by side in an overall performance view.
  2. Customer behavior in the webshop and subsequent purchases in the stores was fully documented and connected to campaign activities and advertising spends.
  3. Overall customer insights were enabled to dynamically create and communicate relevant personalized offers in Advertisements.

“We are hugely proud to be one of the very first who can actually connect the total customer journey across digital and physical stores, in near real-time thanks to Atcore. This gives us a strong position, to our ambitious digital growth plan, aimed at making it faster and easier to shop at Matas and be an undisputed online market leader in the Danish market for beauty and wellbeing by 2023. It is especially of value to us, that we not only now have full End-to-End sales insights in the webshop, but now also are able to tie digital activities to sales in physical stores.,” says Brian Andersen, E-commerce Director, Matas.

Data is a key ingredient to retail’s continued success and future competitiveness. It is the use of data, the ability to connect the total offline and offline sales to the digital marketing budgets and the ability to communicate relevant across all the channels that is essential. The Omnichannel solution is one of the first in the world, where a retailer has automated both behavioral and transactional customer understanding across offline and online and created a Single customer view, to fully understand consumer needs.

“The result is an Omnichannel effect. This means that we can now prove that the full impact from our digital marketing in both e-commerce platform and contribution to physical commerce. Now we are able to invest more in digital marketing going forward, because we are able to document full Omnichannel ROI, from clicks-to-bricks. Also, the solution gives us a data-driven foundation to predict behavior and offer tailor-made offers and personalized advertising, “says Brian Andersen.

Matas has seen increased progress on their digital channels, with a 2017 Christmas trade growing 40 pct. alone in the last quarter of 2017 at

“Having partnered up with a customer like Matas has been a great experience. Our ability to show great results on a market-leading technology like Google Marketing Platform, requires ongoing work to innovate and develop. Receiving this award is humbling feedback that our customer-centric and data-driven approach and hard work is making an industry-wide difference,” concludes Sebastian Gullak.

Atcore’s approach

In the case, we have used Google Marketing Platform – Advertising (Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Marketing Platform – Analytics (Google Analytics 360) as well as Google Cloud (BigQuery), to link the digital and physical stores, and use customer data to be more relevant in our messages to Matas customers.

Atcore does customer-centric and data-driven marketing on market-leading solutions like Google and Salesforce. In 2018 we have been working with both international and local clients such as Greenpeace, Gant, Rockwool, ISS, Novozymes, Schneider Electric, Oticon, Sydbank, Matas etc.

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