Marketo grants your company with several benefits: from improving leads to implementing inbound marketing, refining social media campaigns, integrating CRM, and providing real-time data collection and analysis.

Marketing Automation?

The future of all your company’s marketing efforts undeniably lies in automation. In order to scale up campaigns, offerings, and communication, and to adapt it to your target audience’s needs almost in real-time, your company needs to adopt marketing automation.

Among the benefits, to name a few, increased revenues, customer engagement, and loyalty, are significant. Moreover, marketing automation impacts on customer experience throughout the customer journey, from an omnichannel perspective. However, the transition from traditional marketing tactics and process towards automation might present some challenges.

To properly answer those challenges, a wide set of marketing software solutions and technologies are nowadays available, among which Marketo. By adopting Marketo’s solution, your company will turn marketing into an effective and efficient, besides feasible, revenue driver. Furthermore, Marketo allows your company to target profitable leads, plan, and execute automated and personalized marketing efforts across channels, supporting scaled-up processes.

Our approach to Marketo

More importantly, through Marketo’s solutions, your company will benefit from every single interaction with its consumers, establishing a meaningful and highly relevant conversation with its audience, which in turn will affect your reach and engagement.  

Moreover, given that Marketo provides ad hoc data collection and analysis opportunities, successful omnichannel campaigns result to be more achievable, as your company will be able to monitor its prospects at every single digital touchpoint, and to integrate every single experience.

Thus, by simplifying processes, designing and scaling up marketing campaigns, encompassing all channels with a 1:1 personalized perspective over your customers, Marketo represents a must-have technology asset in a fast-paced and fast-changing competitive landscape.

Strategy & Organization

We help you find the right approach to achieve your goals and structure the correct processes and learning up around Marketing Automation and Marketo.

Implementation & Activation

We will help you implement Marketo the right way, either as a stand-alone, or with the relevant Integrations to suit and support your marketing and sales activities as best as possible.

Analysis & Insights

We help you get an in-depth understanding of your customers journey, challenges and needs, and how best you can support them in making the right choice along their journey.

Content & Communication

The ultimate goal is to deliver personalized and relevant content across channels and in real-time, in order to provide a highly tailored customer experience.

Campaign Execution

The technology platform’s solutions and capabilities would grant your business with the opportunity to drive the most out of your data, automation, and marketing efforts.

How we help clients

We help clients like you to engage and nurture leads in real-time,
to rely on customer-centric approaches and build constantly evolving relationships with your customers.

Lead Management

Lead Management solution helps you to grow and nurture relationships and reach buyers with personalized campaigns, before you send them to sales. Attract top-of-funnel traffic through inbound and outbound programs, improve your Lead Quality and measure what matters to build on your success.

Email marketing

It will support your company in achieving unified, successful, and automated interactions, which implies their scalability across channels.It grants your business with the opportunity to drive the most out of your data, automation, and marketing efforts, achieving increased 1:1 personalization.

Consumer Marketing Solution

Grow lifetime value by engaging consumers seamlessly across channels and stay top of mind with customers in this digital world. Engage and retain consumers with ongoing conversations and motivation to becoming biggest advocates.Finally, measure what matters.

Consumer Base Marketing Solution

Create engagement and use your customer data to identify opportunities to expand your existing footprint. Target your best growth opportunities, measure the impact and deliver the optimal customer experience at every stage of their lifecycle and on their terms.

What will you get from working with Marketo?

Working with us to develop your effective platform, by:

  1. We make it easy for you and your team to get started.
  2. We make the implementation and onboarding quick and painless.
  3. We hold your hand along the way, and ensure, that you get full utilization of your investment.
  4. With a one-stop partner like Atcore, we remove the hassle of coordinating between many different agencies (Ad Agency, Media Agency, Digital Agency etc.) to create valuable lead-generating campaigns, with a lot of lost communication and understanding along the way.
  5. Our experts help you quickly gain the insights you need, about how your Marketing activities contribute to revenue, what your customers’ needs are, and how sales can be more qualified in their dialogues.
  6. We have helped Global implementation from a Nordic perspective.
  7. Be GDPR compliant and communicate more relevantly with leads and customers, you should consider switching to a Marketing Automation platform.

Let’s talk about, how we can help you strengthen and optimize your marketing automation approach..

Steffen Iversen

Sales Director

Mobile: +45 53555403


Working with us

  • 100% Data-Driven

    At its core, data-driven marketing centres on one thing: propelling value by engaging customers more effectively. Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right place and time.

  • 100% Transparency

    Accountability and transparency are central in everything we do. You get a full understanding of where your investments are going – without hidden fees or black-boxed solutions.

  • 100% Customer-Centric

    The difference between a customer focus and a truly customer-centric approach is looking at your business from the outside-in, from the perspective of the customers, and letting this drive your activities.

  • 100% Performance

    Your business targets are our targets. We align all initiatives with you and your business KPIs. Prepare to be challenged on how to deliver value. Rest assured that your business is the first thing we think about when we wake up in the morning.