Digital Marketing Transformation

Atcore and Schneider Electric make the most of digital energy – powered by consumer insights. Learn how we are using a data-driven process, to transform Schneider Electrics Marketing and GoTo Market.

Schneider Electric’s mission is to help customers get the most out of their energy, which has become more and more challenging in an online world of fragmented customer segments representing a variety of different needs. At the same time, customers are even more digital and have higher expectations for the way digital services can improve their experience with the product or service Schneider Electric provides.

“Key to our transformation
is customer centricity“

-Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Chairman & CEO

Schneider Electric’s Digital Vision
We want to create increasingly stronger relationships with our customers & leads through engaging and personalized digital experiences.


The challenge

However Schneider Electric lacked important insights into customer needs and behavior across touchpoints and devices.

To sum it up, they were facing different challenges that they wanted to overcome to meet their digital vision and improve their website:

  • They didn’t know what their users expected from them or where their current website failed.
  • They couldn’t identify how much revenue their digital marketing efforts generated and lacked tangible goals for benchmarking their digital performance.
  • They had an increasing complexity and need for keeping customers close, but no system in place to handle personalized communication.

More specifically, Schneider Electric wanted to be able to:

  • Present data driven results within the organisation and be able to work systematically with their customer data from all digital platforms.
  • Ensure that their digital marketing activities created business value.
  • Track, analyse and improve their online performance.
  • Provide relevant content in their digital touch points converting visitors to leads.

“Customers don’t want mass communication anymore. The communication must be personalized. We have talked to a lot of agencies who all could and would think digitally in terms of impressive websites and apps, but we chose Atcore due to their data driven approach which is key if we want to understand our customers and the digital change they have been through.”

– Bitten Jagd, Head of Digital Marketing, Nordic & Baltic,


An Outside-in approach

We conducted a three step process to begin with to discover the business of Schneider Electric, explore the users’ needs to define and map the vision and roadmap.

To understand Schneider Electric from an outside-in perspective we started out by collecting data – millions of data-points – analyzing web analytics, surveys, desktop research and conducting stakeholder interviews. With user interviews, analysis, user experience evaluation of various digital touchpoints, we moved closer to the touch point mapping of the customer journey and the outside in perspective on Schneider Electric. At last we were able to map the activities after prioritizing them and evaluate on current and needed technical platforms to give the customers the optimal support through their customer journey.



Collect data and insights; your business, your market your customers and your potential


Connect the dots of customer-behaviour, needs and touch-points


Develop Concepts for future content, communication and circulation


Create the communication that matches your business goals and the customer needs


Define the right message, for the right person, in the right channel, at the right time


Execute communication through the right tech stack, and optimize continuously


Using insights in
new digital solutions

Atcore launched a data-driven process focused on how well the users’ needs are met across Schneider Electric’s contact points with customers. These insights showed that Schneider Electric needed to focus on specific digital initiatives that would both meet the needs of customers while creating an optimal business value for Schneider Electric.

Our work on developing Schneider Electrics Digital Marketing Transformation strategy is based on in-depth user- and customer behavior analytics, making it Customer-centric. It supports the Customer Journey and explains all initiatives in the 24-month Activity Roadmap. All initiatives are communicated in an easy-to-understand way, with recommendations for initiatives. All initiatives are supported with Business Case calculations.

Stay on point with a digital roadmap

The result of the process is a digital roadmap, based on quantitative and qualitative customer insights, which shows Schneider Electric’s digital ambitions and business objectives. The online initiatives in the roadmap are prioritized so that they can be performed with measurable impact on the business and at the same time coordinated with Schneider Electric’s internal needs and expectations.

The roadmap also ensures that Schneider can prioritize their digital activities from the standpoint of maximum business impact and lowest risk involved.

“Being personal is not possible without understanding our customers”.Helene Egebøl, CEO, Schneider Electric Danmark

How we help clients

We help clients like you achieve dramatic improvements in growth and efficiency
by using customer-centric and data-driven strategies
to transform your operations from the back office to the front line.

Digital marketing strategy Accelerator

Our team of digital experts will assess your current digital maturity and structure, to help you develop a rock-solid foundation for your path to success, that aligns your business goals, prepares your operations and supports your vision for future investments. This will give you the argument for prioritizing your future digital investments.

SEVEN CX™: Great Customer Experience

Atcore helps leading companies to create a strategy and a roadmap, on how to create great customer experiences. Based on your company’s goals and your user’s needs, we set a direction on how to level with your customer’s expectations, ensuring that you as a company are able to meet and greet your customes during their entire customer journey.

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Atcore DxP™: Digital Transformation Progress

Atcore helps leading companies create a structured and formalized strategy, operating model and governance model, which creates progress in your digital transformation which enables companies to play to win in the digital age! Based on your company’s current digital capabilities we set a direction for the short and long term digital transformation.

How we help you digitally transform marketing

Working together with us to develop your digital marketing strategy, gives you

  1. Complete overview of your important Customer Journeys.
  2. Real-time updated Customer Journeys.
  3. 24/36 month tactical roadmap.
  4. A strategy book, with business cases, ready to implement.
  5. Change-management best-practice.
  6. Global/local Business operating models and governance.
  7. KPI and Dashboards for continual data-driven overview.

Let talk about, what our strategy and tactics for marketing digitization can do for you.

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    The difference between a customer focus and a truly customer-centric approach is looking at your business from the outside-in, from the perspective of the customers, and letting this drive your activities.

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