How to optimize email marketing, and 1:1 personalization through Marketo?

maj 2018 Martin Brummerstedt

Target audiences are constantly overwhelmed by considerable amounts of information, from emails, ads, web and app experiences, and it is demonstrated that their attention span is reduced. Therefore, marketing efforts need to be more and more time responsive, relevant and tailored to customers’ need and expectations.

Moreover, given the urgency to engage in continuous conversations with your customers, rather than solely focusing on marketing campaigns, it is crucial to settle marketing automation tools to optimize and speed-up the processes. By adopting the right technology mix your company will be able to build long-lasting relationships with its customers, based on the relevancy of the interactions they have with your business, which are supposed to be carried out in real-time and at scale.

Notably, most companies are aiming to improve email marketing and 1:1 personalization in the most scalable and feasible way. In order to implement such a strategy and to effectively optimize and automate the whole process, it is recommended to integrate the two areas under the same umbrella. This, in turn, would grant your company with increased customer engagement, better overall customer experiences, and relevant communication.

The key recommendation is to opt for investing in Marketo’s solutions, which are demonstrated to support your business in: transforming traditional marketing campaigns to more relevant continuous conversations with your target audience; building long-lasting and constantly evolving relationships with your customers in an omnichannel perspective; relying on customer-centric approaches by entailing an individual based communication; engaging and nurturing your leads in real-time; fully benefiting from 1:1 personalization. Thus, it is crucial to invest in email marketing and personalization efforts as they were all part of a single unified strategy.

Marketo’s tools and features towards improving your business performance

As it is demonstrated, marketing automation strategies are significantly more effective and efficient when they integrate practices such emails, the so-called “Off-Site” channels, with landing pages, blog posts, which might be defined as “On-Site” channels. The ultimate goal is to deliver personalized and relevant content across channels and in real-time, in order to provide a highly tailored customer experience. Marketo will support your company in achieving unified, successful, and automated interactions, which implies their scalability across channels, generating personalized experiences. The technology platform offers solutions and capabilities which would grant your business with the opportunity to drive the most out of your data, segments, automation, and marketing efforts, achieving increased 1:1 personalization.

Consequently, and considering the analytic tools Marketo offers, by combining email marketing and monitoring your landing pages performances, you would generate richer and more valuable insights on your segment’s behaviours. Moreover, Marketo’s technology allows you to have relevant and consistent content in an omnichannel perspective since, whenever a customer gets at your site, relevant and targeted content would be served based on where the user came from (emails, search engine, etc.). The richer the insights on your customers and their actions on your digital channels, the better your conversations with them, which can be refined, automated, and scaled up, while avoiding to neglect relevancy and 1:1 messages.

Marketo supports your company in having personalized email marketing, optimized leads, and ultimately improved personalization, by offering features such as personalized URLs, dynamic content, tokens, email editor, and prioritized segmentation. Hence, through Marketo’s solutions, integrating the above mentioned key areas would result to be significantly more feasible, scalable, and ultimately successful.